Outside/Online Pharmacy Policy

As your pet’s care provider, it is our top priority to ensure your pet receives not only the right medication for their individual health needs, but medications that are produced and sold by reputable manufacturers and distributors. With the increasing popularity of online pet pharmacies and retailers, the veterinary industry has seen a rise in problems associated with the authenticity and efficacy of medications sold through non-accredited and/or non-certified veterinary pharmacies.
To help protect your pet from potential hazards, it is now our policy to process patient medication needs in only one of three ways.

  • Filling your pet’s prescription through our in-clinic pharmacy.
  • Filling your pet’s prescription through our own on-line pharmacy available only to our client base via a link on our website.
  • Provide a handwritten prescription for our client’s to pick up and take anywhere you would like.

Benefits of Our Online Pharmacy

  • Medical integrity and proper handling and storage of sensitive products.
  • Manufacturer guarantees
  • Vendor rebates (when applicable)
  • Your pet’s medical records updated
  • Medications made and shipped directly from our trusted and accredited manufacturers
  • Supports your family veterinarian, their dedicated team members and local business.

Please allow 48-72 hours for your written prescription to be approved and ready to pick up. Please check with your pharmacy on how they handle written prescriptions in advance so there won’t be any lapse in medications if they require you to mail them in. Thank you for your understanding!

Visit our online pharmacy